Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Hair + Life

 I thought I would share with you guys with another picture of my new hair. I regret it.. sadly. I always have those spurs of spontaneousness with my hair. I should learn not to follow. I'm growing it out, but it's still better than my hair out grown.. hehe.

Pretty' Princess's house, he's playing Left 4 Dead while I watch and go on Youtube on the side. His desk is so messy, I know!
I changed the width and tweaked a few things on this blog. I prefer a simple banner style for now. You can see the images better, enjoy!

Also, planning on getting a gaming computer rather than a Mac. How does the Asus G74SX sound, I like it for the capability and how light it is compared to the Alienware M18x which is 25 lbs while the Asus is 9 lbs. From what I saw, it's the best one in overall ratings. If it would help, I prefer a simple design than a crazy-tech-weird-one like Alienware. I'm not much of a sci-fi fan. I prefer a laptop over a desktop because of mobility, but I like the desktop because you can get a way bigger screen resolution even hook it up to your tv. It's a preference because I can bring the laptop somewhere else if I can't use the room or if I have to go somewhere. But it's pretty heavy still, I'm just going to bring it around the house!


  1. i think you look really cute & pretty with this hairstyle! ^__^

  2. You look adorable. :> Really pretty.

  3. @laaenqo - Thank you, confidence boost!

    @Nichie - Yet, again another confidence boost. I think your also adorable :3!


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