Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{R E V I E W} - M I L A N I eye tech liquid liner + pencil eyeliner

 I went to go pick up Milani products because I've been watching one too many YouTube videos and gurus raving about the quality of the brand. I wanted to the LIQUID EYE Liquid-Like Metallic Eye Liner Pencil in a dark brown, but I couldn't find that. Instead I picked up the EASYLINER for Eyes Retractable Pencil and EYE TECH Liquid Liner. The pencil shade is in 02 Espresso while the liquid liner is in black. 

The following photos will be:
Right: Liquid Liner
Right: Pencil Liner

 Above Image: Not Smudged
 Above Image: Smudged once with tissue paper
 Above Image: Smudged twice with tissue paper
 Above Image: Smudged thrice with tissue paper
Above Image: Smudged  four times with tissue paper

As you see, the liquid liner held up way better than the pencil. It holds up on my eyes pretty well. I have non-oily eyelids, but a lot of people who do have oily eyelids use this and find no problem. Compared to higher end eye liners that run about $20 or more, depending where you purchase it the price is pretty sweet. I wore it and it didn't flake on me which is a big plus, unless I'm rubbing my eyes like crazy. I accidently did rub the pencil liner part, but it didn't budge too much. I mean I did have fall out, but it wasn't smeared off like I feared.

At a high-end super market, these cost me $11 for the liquid one and $5 for the pencil. I won't complain too much about pricing since it's not too bad. For this I could of gotten just one high end eye liner and probably another pencil liner.

In conclusion, I would give these a try if your not willing to shell out $20 for one eye liner. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What's in my Bag?

If your interested in specific names of things or the contents within my other items, leave a message below.

This is my favourite bag because it was a gift from my dearest boyfriend. I just adore the colour, it's pretty true in the photograph. I'll use this any season even if the colour isn't in. FASHION 'RULES' CANNOT STOP ME!


New Hair + Life

 I thought I would share with you guys with another picture of my new hair. I regret it.. sadly. I always have those spurs of spontaneousness with my hair. I should learn not to follow. I'm growing it out, but it's still better than my hair out grown.. hehe.

Pretty' Princess's house, he's playing Left 4 Dead while I watch and go on Youtube on the side. His desk is so messy, I know!
I changed the width and tweaked a few things on this blog. I prefer a simple banner style for now. You can see the images better, enjoy!

Also, planning on getting a gaming computer rather than a Mac. How does the Asus G74SX sound, I like it for the capability and how light it is compared to the Alienware M18x which is 25 lbs while the Asus is 9 lbs. From what I saw, it's the best one in overall ratings. If it would help, I prefer a simple design than a crazy-tech-weird-one like Alienware. I'm not much of a sci-fi fan. I prefer a laptop over a desktop because of mobility, but I like the desktop because you can get a way bigger screen resolution even hook it up to your tv. It's a preference because I can bring the laptop somewhere else if I can't use the room or if I have to go somewhere. But it's pretty heavy still, I'm just going to bring it around the house!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Makeup Wishlist 2012

Just sharing some makeup I want that I can't get it here readily or I just find it such a rip off to buy online. Since prices inflate a lot. Most if not all will be asian make-up brands, be warned!

Missha BB Boomer

Missha BB Cream

Etude House Sleeping Pack for Brightning (the blue one)

Etude House Peach Pore Base (the jelly)
Etude House On Screen Twin Pact No.1 Light Beige

Skin Care set from the Faceshop which would include

  • Emulsion
  • Essence
  • Cream
  • Eyecare
  • Sun care
  • Mist

Benefit POREfessional

Tony Moly Liptint in pink tint

Majolica Majolica Mascara Base

Majolica Majolica lengthening mascara

Bold = Highly wants
Italics = Wants, but not as much
Underline = Want
Nothing = Can play the waiting game
This list changes products, but really the same purpose of the products. Like different BB creams brands. Hopefully I'll get an item or two on this list this year!

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