Friday, December 9, 2011

What coats I love this year!

These would be my jacket loves of this year. Like the colour choice? Too bad, I can't seem to find the styles here and colour choice as well. When I do, it's not in my size.

I like to go for jackets at most hover above my knees. Ideal would be right under my bum. I don't mind a jacket ending at my waist, but it's just a preference of the jacket ending a little bit down. I prefer to be warm down there too! If a coat does go past my knee, it'll make me look even more short since I am short. These are just my fashionable picks. I'd prefer the Canada Goose, Montebello in xs black for the cold weather here. Sadly, I'm way too paranoid, can't find it now, and I'm a trend beast.

What are your jacket loves? 


  1. I like the colour, my fav has to be the vest and the last one cause it looks cute <3

  2. Oh yes, I really love this colour range :D!

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