Saturday, December 31, 2011

{Review}❤ Maybelline: Baby Lips in Cherry Me❤

These are swatched on my lips for, that kind follower that asked me. Sorry if I am a bit late!

Bare Lips
Lips with Baby Lips in Cherry Me

As you can see the tinted lip balm is just enough to be very natural. I just noticed when I take photographs usually it comes off as very pigmented. When I look in real life, it's not. But it may because I like to re-apply a lot! I highly recommend, looks natural and is affordable. So you are not breaking the piggy bank.

Although, I don't think these pictures are doing it justice. If you're afraid of a nasty red vamp lips which look great at times, this is for you. Just a subtly red if not cherry as the name suggests. Even if you hate it, it's about $3-4 dollars. You wouldn't be ballistic about throwing it out. 
Wishing everyone a Happy New Years and a Great Holidays!

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