Monday, December 5, 2011

My favourite Ulzzang/Uljjang

 **Warning picture heavy!**
Ulzzang/Uljjang is a Korean term which means Best and Face.
I can't understand the hate on the style/title. 

Ban Nam Gyu

My favourite ulzzang! I find her extremely pretty. She doesn't even wear that much noticeable makeup.  

Doe Hoe Ji
Everytime, I look at her... I wonder what it is that captivates my eyes.

Song Ah Ri
I feel that Song Ah Ri is the face of ulzzang of now. When I think of ulzzang, I think of her.

Yeon Ji Hee
The way she does her makeup is pretty, she pulls it off extremely well.


Why I like them:
Natural looking makeup
❤ Different compared to what I see here in Canada everyday
❤ Their good-looking
❤ Overall image
❤ Mostly a clean canvas face

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this style more then others because it isn't something you really find around here. It's getting more popular! And yes, I know many ulzzang have had surgeries, but honestly it's up to them. Who are you to say otherwise? I've been following ulzzang trend since 2009 or 08. It's really different, hardly any searches on Google! Now way more and you basically find ulzzang pictures on Tumblr now. No one uses the forums -pretty dead compared to before. At first... I was an anti-ulzzang, now I'm so bias about them. I like them more then gyaru because I don't have the time for falsies! Every-day. This particular style, I believe is growing slowly. I read recently on another blog that the photos are not extremely good quality compared to the grainy ones before. I enjoy, but I would also like to see more personal photos of ulzzang. Most of the photos are model photos! That is why, it looks extremely posed.

For the fun, I'm going to post up a bunch of random ulzzangs. I use to have way more, but I tend to delete things. Can't guarantee I will remember names! 

Some maybe be the same ulzzang I mentioned above, but my picture  folder is messy. So I did not categories it all.
I wanted to say yes Do Hwe Ji did have a nosejob that's why her nose is bigger/taller in some pictures then compared to others. Her nose is smaller now.


Do you guys enjoy this style? I really do, I don't get why people feel so high and mighty looking down on ulzzang. Saying bad things about them, isn't making you any better. If anything worst. If you are going to say they look all the same, please just go. I'm sure if people are sporting the same look or style, they will have similarities. 

I will post more soon. 


  1. I remember ulzzangs were really popular back around 2005 and now it's gyarus like everywhere :( I truly support the minimal makeup to look beautiful on these girls, even though they've done surgery so it's not necessary for makeup. When compared to gyarus I think it's WAY too much to try and enhance certain features :( But yea I prefer minimal makeup on myself n-n Thanks for sharing these photos, it's nice to see some inspiration for makeup looks :D

  2. Really? I noticed you are right about seeing gyaru more now. I'm sure if it makes them happy then it's okay in my book. Cause minimal makeup isn't that hard nor is it that long for the morning. No problem :) You're character is extremely cute and adorable :D<3!


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