Friday, December 16, 2011

~Haul! + Baby Lips ❤ Inital Review~

I guess you can call this my HG nail base. I've been using it for 3 years. Extremely, shiny on it's own. Lasts for a while! I've been through 3 bottles in 3 years, but I'm a on-off nail painting person. 

 From left to right
St.Ives - Timeless Skin Collagen, Elastin Facial Moisturiser (HG)
Maybelline New York - Baby Lips in Cherry Me 015
The Bodyshop - Cranberry Shower Gel 
Nivea - Gentle Cleansing Cream

Almost done my HG moisturiser, went to pick up more. I really like it, doesn't break me out. Isn't too heavy or light. I just adore it. I've been wanting Baby Lips since I saw videos from gurus in Asia being sent these and tried to find these, but no luck. I really love Cherry Me as I wanted to find something like the Hello Kitty Apple balm, but easier application. I have long nails and I don't like the Apple balm getting into my finger nails. Baby Lips is sheer when swatched, but colour pay off on the lips is just right for a lip balm tint! The Hello Kitty one was a bit thick, but I just loved the red and this red is pretty close to it and just for 1/4 of the price and easier application.
These are my inital thoughts on Baby Lips - Cherry Me. So far loving it❤


  1. can you post a picture of how you look with Maybelline's Baby Lips Cherry Me? I want to buy one of the Baby Lips color but I don't know how deep it looks.


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