Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review: Sheseido Nourishing Mascara Base + Drugstore Haul

     All right, I went out and. Got the chance to pick up the Sheseido Nourishing Mascara Base! Super happy with it. By far it kicks, MAC Prep + Prime ($20 CAD) and Dior's Maximizer ($35 CAD) butts. I recommend this product to all girls with short, stubby short Asian lashes that point downwards like mine. I'll start by saying that all these primers say they are light-weight and would not weigh down your lashes only that Sheseido does the job. MAC and Dior formulas as have a heavy makeup smell and pretty thick consistency compared to Sheseido's. The smell from the Nourshing Mascara Base is very faint and the conistsecny is like liquidty                , meaning a bit more time to dry.

I used Shu Uemura to curl, nothing fancy like a heated eyelash curler. Just that plain curler. It works amazingly, where I only have to curl at the beginning. I dislike curling, applying mascara then curling again. I don't want my curler to get dirty... I have to clean it after. I'm just lazy! This will hold your curl as long as your using the right products that don't weigh it down. I don't need to apply mascara or anything, the curl holds all day basically. I recommend it or Sheseido's curler. I don't recommend a $1-$10 drug store curler, those are so bad for my short Asian lashes, that point down. The base of this is silicon and not rubber like those. Price was $25 CAD I believe for me at Sephora a while back. I don't know if they have it still.

Then I just used Maybelline Lash Stiletto in waterproof and I got black. This specific one works great a lone by defining and lengthening your eye lashes, but amazing with the mascara base. This is my current go to mascara, love it even more now.

I applied a few coats of the mascara base and mascara. 

 Holds curl
 Slightly volumizes
 Keeps masrca on
 Makes cheap mascara look amazing Lasts a long time
 Doesn't weigh down lashes
 Lightweight formula
 Doesn't flake

X Pricey depending on budget ($25 CAD)
X Faint makeup smell Dries gray-white
X Does not volumize as much

     Overall, I say it's a great purchase, giving your lashes the extra 'umff' it may need! Nothing too bad to say about this product since I prefer lengthening more than volumizing. I mean, it'll last you for a while. I'm going to love this makes me lashes look like falsies even more.


Some drug store buys. I can't believe the NYC makeup remover works so well. For the price of $3 or $4 CAD and quality it is over 9000! I added in the ice-breaks for the kicks of it.


  1. Oh my gosh- that makes SUCH a huge difference. o: Even without falsies.

    I feel like I might use these tips. I have long-ish lashes, but I feel like they're not very visible. D:

    Nice haul, too.

  2. Falsies are just godly! It's like hacking. and thanks<3


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