Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's been a while! I have some REVIEWS HERE! Primers + Concealer

I've been busy and not able to post anything much. Mostly, since I've been on the iPad 2. On wards, I've been desperately trying out eye lash primers. Not working out so well, I picked up the MAC's Prep + Prime Lash primer and Dior's Maximizer (primer+serum). They did not work out well for my straight Asian lashes. Both sufficiently weighed down my curl so bad. I was like "are you serious?" I'll tell you my lashes hold a curl good with the Shu Uemura curler and works well with the mascaras I have. I just want a little more 'umfff'. Without mascara and just curled with that specific curler, it stays curled all day.

I picked up the Studio Fix concealer from MAC as well in NW20, matches my skintone perfectly. I really like it in terms of coverage. A tip is if you really want coverage you can't apply it under your eyes/around then foundation/tinted moisturizer then another layer. It will look cakey and flake -not a good look. Other wise a layer underneath your powder or above your tinted moisturizer, even alone is great. I recommend it!

Pictures of the purchases!! 

Great packaging for both products. Sadly, they do not step up to game. 

Coming in and putting on both formulas, it basically flatten it out! Both primers claim to be light-weight and so forth. Great, but didn't work for me. I mean I asked the SA at Sephora since they don't carry Shiseido any more there. I asked if there was any primer comparable with the Shiseido one, she said Dior's, but also then said I never tried that one, but this one work for me. Like she was uncertain. Honestly, I'm going to return it all! Not worth your money, don't waste your time if you have straight downward pointing lashes like me. I'm going to try out the Shiseido's primer that was the original plan, but they counter at The Bay sold out! Then I learned Sephora didn't carry it anymore.

The shoes before that had the edgy feel, did not fit me on one foot. I wondered why, then I saw the size. One was an 8 the other was a 6. Lesson learned, try both shoes on before purchase! Lucky, SA let me exchange on non-exchangeable shoes, hehe! Like the babies?

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