Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's aLIVE

Not dead okay guys. I have school work to do and I keep up my social life as well. I'm dying waiting  on the following orders...
  • Circle lens order (x4 lens)
  • Amazon order (iPad keyboard case, I want to share it with you guys!)
  • ELF
I'm just waiting for these to come in so, I can post a collective haul. Also, I haven't been on my laptop much, since I keep going on my iPad.

I'm contemplaying on wether to get another bag to fit my iPad, a binder or so, makeup bag, pencil cases, and so forth. I like the Marc Jacob Hamilton bag, too bad it doesn't have a zipper!

Oh and look out for a most reached for products from me. I might do a what's in my bag, but I'm not sure which bag I would do. Probably my lovely Coach one. Can't gurantee when they are going to be up, since I'm busy.

I want to do another hair tutorial, but I need suggestions. Help guys! For my Youtube account.

An update about Canada Goose, my friend mentioned, what if I forget it in my locker and don't lock it. Now, I'm super paranoid I might get it stolen or lost. Thanks. That's why I didn't get it yet.

I'll probably be mostly on my Tumblr, if you guys are interested in what I'm doing. 

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