Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's aLIVE

Not dead okay guys. I have school work to do and I keep up my social life as well. I'm dying waiting  on the following orders...
  • Circle lens order (x4 lens)
  • Amazon order (iPad keyboard case, I want to share it with you guys!)
  • ELF
I'm just waiting for these to come in so, I can post a collective haul. Also, I haven't been on my laptop much, since I keep going on my iPad.

I'm contemplaying on wether to get another bag to fit my iPad, a binder or so, makeup bag, pencil cases, and so forth. I like the Marc Jacob Hamilton bag, too bad it doesn't have a zipper!

Oh and look out for a most reached for products from me. I might do a what's in my bag, but I'm not sure which bag I would do. Probably my lovely Coach one. Can't gurantee when they are going to be up, since I'm busy.

I want to do another hair tutorial, but I need suggestions. Help guys! For my Youtube account.

An update about Canada Goose, my friend mentioned, what if I forget it in my locker and don't lock it. Now, I'm super paranoid I might get it stolen or lost. Thanks. That's why I didn't get it yet.

I'll probably be mostly on my Tumblr, if you guys are interested in what I'm doing. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review: Sheseido Nourishing Mascara Base + Drugstore Haul

     All right, I went out and. Got the chance to pick up the Sheseido Nourishing Mascara Base! Super happy with it. By far it kicks, MAC Prep + Prime ($20 CAD) and Dior's Maximizer ($35 CAD) butts. I recommend this product to all girls with short, stubby short Asian lashes that point downwards like mine. I'll start by saying that all these primers say they are light-weight and would not weigh down your lashes only that Sheseido does the job. MAC and Dior formulas as have a heavy makeup smell and pretty thick consistency compared to Sheseido's. The smell from the Nourshing Mascara Base is very faint and the conistsecny is like liquidty                , meaning a bit more time to dry.

I used Shu Uemura to curl, nothing fancy like a heated eyelash curler. Just that plain curler. It works amazingly, where I only have to curl at the beginning. I dislike curling, applying mascara then curling again. I don't want my curler to get dirty... I have to clean it after. I'm just lazy! This will hold your curl as long as your using the right products that don't weigh it down. I don't need to apply mascara or anything, the curl holds all day basically. I recommend it or Sheseido's curler. I don't recommend a $1-$10 drug store curler, those are so bad for my short Asian lashes, that point down. The base of this is silicon and not rubber like those. Price was $25 CAD I believe for me at Sephora a while back. I don't know if they have it still.

Then I just used Maybelline Lash Stiletto in waterproof and I got black. This specific one works great a lone by defining and lengthening your eye lashes, but amazing with the mascara base. This is my current go to mascara, love it even more now.

I applied a few coats of the mascara base and mascara. 

 Holds curl
 Slightly volumizes
 Keeps masrca on
 Makes cheap mascara look amazing Lasts a long time
 Doesn't weigh down lashes
 Lightweight formula
 Doesn't flake

X Pricey depending on budget ($25 CAD)
X Faint makeup smell Dries gray-white
X Does not volumize as much

     Overall, I say it's a great purchase, giving your lashes the extra 'umff' it may need! Nothing too bad to say about this product since I prefer lengthening more than volumizing. I mean, it'll last you for a while. I'm going to love this makes me lashes look like falsies even more.


Some drug store buys. I can't believe the NYC makeup remover works so well. For the price of $3 or $4 CAD and quality it is over 9000! I added in the ice-breaks for the kicks of it.

Hair dying to a Light Ash Brown + Review

     My mom, usually picks a dark brown dye to dye her hair, but I slipped in a medium ash brown colour this time. Sneaky me~ The dye we choose is the Garnier - Belle Color in Light Ash Brown. So originally, my mother's hair is dyed dark brown with another dye I can't seem to recall at the moment. Keep in mind it is the roots I'm showing you, that got the colour.

 Good colour output for people with dark hair

X Harder application compared to the foam dyes
X Will not cover grey hairs well

     The outcome of the dye itself, was pretty good. I was expecting it to be way worst. I thought it wouldn't show since I tend to read online forums about hair dying and such. It doesn't do good for the grey hairs that she wants covered, but the the rest of the head turned out pretty well. I'd reccomend two dye boxes, my mom used 1 since she doesn't have a lot of hair. I use 2 when I dye my hair, I have loads of hair compared to her! Not recommended if you want to cover stubborn grey hairs this just won't cut it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's been a while! I have some REVIEWS HERE! Primers + Concealer

I've been busy and not able to post anything much. Mostly, since I've been on the iPad 2. On wards, I've been desperately trying out eye lash primers. Not working out so well, I picked up the MAC's Prep + Prime Lash primer and Dior's Maximizer (primer+serum). They did not work out well for my straight Asian lashes. Both sufficiently weighed down my curl so bad. I was like "are you serious?" I'll tell you my lashes hold a curl good with the Shu Uemura curler and works well with the mascaras I have. I just want a little more 'umfff'. Without mascara and just curled with that specific curler, it stays curled all day.

I picked up the Studio Fix concealer from MAC as well in NW20, matches my skintone perfectly. I really like it in terms of coverage. A tip is if you really want coverage you can't apply it under your eyes/around then foundation/tinted moisturizer then another layer. It will look cakey and flake -not a good look. Other wise a layer underneath your powder or above your tinted moisturizer, even alone is great. I recommend it!

Pictures of the purchases!! 

Great packaging for both products. Sadly, they do not step up to game. 

Coming in and putting on both formulas, it basically flatten it out! Both primers claim to be light-weight and so forth. Great, but didn't work for me. I mean I asked the SA at Sephora since they don't carry Shiseido any more there. I asked if there was any primer comparable with the Shiseido one, she said Dior's, but also then said I never tried that one, but this one work for me. Like she was uncertain. Honestly, I'm going to return it all! Not worth your money, don't waste your time if you have straight downward pointing lashes like me. I'm going to try out the Shiseido's primer that was the original plan, but they counter at The Bay sold out! Then I learned Sephora didn't carry it anymore.

The shoes before that had the edgy feel, did not fit me on one foot. I wondered why, then I saw the size. One was an 8 the other was a 6. Lesson learned, try both shoes on before purchase! Lucky, SA let me exchange on non-exchangeable shoes, hehe! Like the babies?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It was just a trip to Wal-Mart.

I am fond of just browing by the makeup section at the drugstore, specifically Wal-Mart. I wish they had asian products there. For more variety! Ah oh well. I was going to Wal-Mart to pick up contact lens solution for my circle lens, but ended up getting more. Enjoy! 
 I got the Wet'N'Wild palette in 736 Petal Pusher. I felt like I wanted to go with colour. I hardly have colour in my makeup. Like my wardrobe. Too conservative! I need to break out of my shell more.
 Swatches from left side of the palette to the bottom then to the right and going down. Extremely, pigmented. I really like the Coloricon line of Wet'N'Wild. I'd recommend any of their palettes, it's excellent for the price. Comparable to MAC in my opinion.
 The red lipstick swatch, I was being cheap and didn't want to shell out more for a red lipstick, it's sheer really, but on your lips it's a bright red. 
 I picked up an eyebrow kit, the brown doesn't match my dark brown hair, I'll use it to contour my nose probably and the wax with another matte black eye shadow. It works just as fine. 
 The brown swatched.
 Pretty nail polish from Wet'N'Wild and Sally Hansen. A matte pink, grey and transparent glitters. 
My hands look like they need lotion! Ignore that! I did my nails myself! And yes they are real! Quick and easy. Oh and yes my hands are quite shaky. I did an alternative way and no I didn't use tape.

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