Saturday, September 24, 2011

Swatches: Glitter Liners

As promised I uploaded the swatches. The NYX one is more incandescent, leaning to more of the natural side then the  L.A. Colors since the sparkles in the NYX is less visible under direct light. On the other hand,  L.A. Colors is more visable, as in right away you will notice it.

They last pretty well. Nothing over the top. I would re-buy for the prices! Since I personally find glitter liners hard to find except for now. They have been spotted everywhere recently.

Going for drama, I'd say try a silver sparkly liner if not, do an incandescent one! For a more natural, everyday look.

Wearing the NYX glitter liner. 

Hey, I'm not saying no one will notice these sparkles, but in comparison to a silver liner, it's less noticeable. 

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