Monday, September 19, 2011

In need of a jacket...Canada Goose?

Rolling around debating whether to get a Canada Goose or not. The one I like the most is the Montebello CG55 in xs, black. Yes, I'm small! Kill me >.<! I really like the fit for it. I tried it in stores earlier this year, when it was winter, but they didn't have my size or colour. At the time, I was going to purchase, but no go. Back to square one now. God, I'm so indecisive, that it kills. I'm worried I won't be wearing the jacket often and the money put into buying it would go to waste! I'm not that type of person. I need a jacket that will keep me warm, since I'm infamous for my thin article of clothing. I hardly layer it up. I live in Canada, winters are still cold as hell, just not as how cold it was before. Ah, really like the style of this particular jacket. It runs right under my bumbum, -hehe- not too long. So I won't look so short. Also, I'm into the big puffy fur trim and all.... I dislike bomber styles jackets, I want my tushie to be warm. I realized the shirts I wear sometimes roll up, then suddenly my whole back/body is freezing! When I'm wearing a bomber style, I don't wear those anymore. I was looking into TNA jackets and stuff, but I'm getting their horrible for their jacked up prices. So I don't want to dish $300 dollars for a TNA that won't be so warm. Yes, I would be planning to use this jacket in the years coming, surviving the winters. I also bus more often, oh god. How horrible will the 'missions'  be, in a sweater. Done it last year, I got sick often.. hehe! But my adventure was fun. I'm looking more into the quality of things over the quantity of jackets I already have. Something, that will actually keep me warm and cozy, in these harsh winters to come. I know there is Moose Knuckles (another brand of jackets, etc). I really like the logo LOL! I'm not sure of the quality.... Gosh! Now I stumbled upon Outdoor Survival Canada (OSC). Oh nooo :(! I like the style Jaci - OS1061 in Orca Black. I'm not too keen on North Face style jackets. Meh! Maybe it is me. Ah, take note. I don't have a normally high body temperature. Usually, my hands or feet are cold even at home with the heat on. I lose heat easily compared to my family, they say why am I so cold all the time.

I'm into trench styles or stylish jackets as well, but they don't seem to cut it any more. Open to suggestions of more trendy styles, if they are truly warm. Plus are a good quality and don't get dirty quickly.

Do you think I should get it (which one)? Any other suggestions?

Canada Goose (above)
Moose Knuckles (above)
OSC (above)


  1. If I were you I'd get the Canada Goose, I've never heard of OSC before and Moose Knuckles from what I have heard is more expensive and just isn't as warm as the Canada Goose.

    Good luck choosing a new jacket, I'm also considering getting a Canada Goose for this winter, my sister has a TNA Jacket and it just doesn't live up to the hype for me.

  2. I think canada goose is the prettiest of them... also I've always heard good things about the brand. I was thinking of getting a jacket of them as well :)

  3. Ah thanks guys for your feedback. I've been hearing bad stuff about TNA jackets a lot recently. I think I'm certain about getting a CG, now to find me size and style in store!


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