Thursday, September 22, 2011

Haul + Should I keep it?

I ended up going to Aldo's with my mom. I picked up a few headbands. If I collected anything, it would be headbands. I hardly wear them, they are just so pretty. I want to learn how to incorporates them into my wardrobe. I just don't see it happening or the headbands going well with the outfits. 
 All for $10 CAD

The next thing I seemingly didn't intend to buy was a leather jacket from Danier. I'm wondering should I keep this? Do you guys like this? Would you guys wear it? Should I exchange for the creamy white/off white/white one?

Opinions please :D?
I'm still getting the Canada Goose from what I know of... by the way.


  1. Pretty blog

    -Mia xoxo

  2. Keep the blue one :) It looks great on you!! White stains, and black is so plain ;)

    Thanks for the follow! Love the headbands--only $10?!?

  3. I wish I saw your reply along with others before I asked them to exchange for the white one. Maybe they won't call me and I keep this? Ya $10 for all, super cute. Thanks a lot thought! and no problem :).


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