Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Collective hauling from this weekend to today.. I went to T&T and picked up the pink version of the face wash I'm currently using since I am almost out.
I wanted to try a cheapo eyeliner brush. I got it at One's. 
I bought some containers for lotion, facial spray since I usually buy the big bottles. I never get to use it all! Going to wash these out and cleanse them, put the product(s) in after. I bought the cute frog snap on bracelet in the spur of the momment. It's adorable. It doesn't even fit my style, but I love it none the less. I'm finding myself to love frogs more and more. 
The boots on the left are gradient, like the tip is black while the rest of the shoe is grey/off black. Pretty cool if I say so myself. While the pair of peep toe wedges are edgy to me. Aren't I some hard x core stuff? I like these. My mother bought shoes too.. thank god we are the same shoe size (most of the time). My feet are getting bigger... *sigh* maybe no more shoe sharing with Momma.
 A chiffon like cardigan I believe, very pretty. I'd wear this over a plain shirt. 
 Plain long sleeve v-neck style, I kind of dig the stripes and the colour of it.  I wear these types of things on my lazy days -which happens to be often when I go to school! The other top is I think a crop top, but it doesn't really show my stomach, it has a nice lace detail on the back. Going to have to wear a top under it or bandeau. 
 I got a dress on the bottom, so nice. I can see myself wearing for fall with tights of some sort. Then the same top.. twice. I really like the detailing of it, with lace and all. I shot a close up picture for you guys of the black one (below). I'm not sure why it's purple. Funny thing, I didn't have anything purple near it at all when I shot it -or that I remember. Am I getting old?
 They are all cheeky except for the obvious asymmetrical thong. I don't know why I bought the hot pink panties. I don't really do bright colours... I thought I wanted to be hot or something... haha. 
I bought two Likas papaya skin whitening herbal soap since, they stopped selling in my nearby Asian grocery market. I'm trying out some Jordana black eyeliner and nail polish. Ah the nailpolish is really cute, with red hearts! I saw lavender and light pink too! I didn't want to ball all, since I probably won't be using them all...I'm loving red the most right now for colours. 


  1. i want cute underwear, too!!! :D

  2. I'm in love with that chiffon cardigan, it is so pretty :)

  3. Yay for cute undies!
    Thank you Vivian it was a steal for $5 CAD!
    I'm indeed inlove with papaya as well :).


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