Friday, September 30, 2011


I think this is somewhat natural. If you didn't know, my eyebrows don't naturally arch like this.. I have a higher arch. I disliked it since my eyes slant up, it made me more firece/angry/sexy look. I didn't like it at all. Just posting an Eyes Of The Day (EOTD). I have a lot of things to post, but not enough time!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Collective hauling from this weekend to today.. I went to T&T and picked up the pink version of the face wash I'm currently using since I am almost out.
I wanted to try a cheapo eyeliner brush. I got it at One's. 
I bought some containers for lotion, facial spray since I usually buy the big bottles. I never get to use it all! Going to wash these out and cleanse them, put the product(s) in after. I bought the cute frog snap on bracelet in the spur of the momment. It's adorable. It doesn't even fit my style, but I love it none the less. I'm finding myself to love frogs more and more. 
The boots on the left are gradient, like the tip is black while the rest of the shoe is grey/off black. Pretty cool if I say so myself. While the pair of peep toe wedges are edgy to me. Aren't I some hard x core stuff? I like these. My mother bought shoes too.. thank god we are the same shoe size (most of the time). My feet are getting bigger... *sigh* maybe no more shoe sharing with Momma.
 A chiffon like cardigan I believe, very pretty. I'd wear this over a plain shirt. 
 Plain long sleeve v-neck style, I kind of dig the stripes and the colour of it.  I wear these types of things on my lazy days -which happens to be often when I go to school! The other top is I think a crop top, but it doesn't really show my stomach, it has a nice lace detail on the back. Going to have to wear a top under it or bandeau. 
 I got a dress on the bottom, so nice. I can see myself wearing for fall with tights of some sort. Then the same top.. twice. I really like the detailing of it, with lace and all. I shot a close up picture for you guys of the black one (below). I'm not sure why it's purple. Funny thing, I didn't have anything purple near it at all when I shot it -or that I remember. Am I getting old?
 They are all cheeky except for the obvious asymmetrical thong. I don't know why I bought the hot pink panties. I don't really do bright colours... I thought I wanted to be hot or something... haha. 
I bought two Likas papaya skin whitening herbal soap since, they stopped selling in my nearby Asian grocery market. I'm trying out some Jordana black eyeliner and nail polish. Ah the nailpolish is really cute, with red hearts! I saw lavender and light pink too! I didn't want to ball all, since I probably won't be using them all...I'm loving red the most right now for colours. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Swatches: Glitter Liners

As promised I uploaded the swatches. The NYX one is more incandescent, leaning to more of the natural side then the  L.A. Colors since the sparkles in the NYX is less visible under direct light. On the other hand,  L.A. Colors is more visable, as in right away you will notice it.

They last pretty well. Nothing over the top. I would re-buy for the prices! Since I personally find glitter liners hard to find except for now. They have been spotted everywhere recently.

Going for drama, I'd say try a silver sparkly liner if not, do an incandescent one! For a more natural, everyday look.

Wearing the NYX glitter liner. 

Hey, I'm not saying no one will notice these sparkles, but in comparison to a silver liner, it's less noticeable. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Haul + Should I keep it?

I ended up going to Aldo's with my mom. I picked up a few headbands. If I collected anything, it would be headbands. I hardly wear them, they are just so pretty. I want to learn how to incorporates them into my wardrobe. I just don't see it happening or the headbands going well with the outfits. 
 All for $10 CAD

The next thing I seemingly didn't intend to buy was a leather jacket from Danier. I'm wondering should I keep this? Do you guys like this? Would you guys wear it? Should I exchange for the creamy white/off white/white one?

Opinions please :D?
I'm still getting the Canada Goose from what I know of... by the way.

Monday, September 19, 2011

In need of a jacket...Canada Goose?

Rolling around debating whether to get a Canada Goose or not. The one I like the most is the Montebello CG55 in xs, black. Yes, I'm small! Kill me >.<! I really like the fit for it. I tried it in stores earlier this year, when it was winter, but they didn't have my size or colour. At the time, I was going to purchase, but no go. Back to square one now. God, I'm so indecisive, that it kills. I'm worried I won't be wearing the jacket often and the money put into buying it would go to waste! I'm not that type of person. I need a jacket that will keep me warm, since I'm infamous for my thin article of clothing. I hardly layer it up. I live in Canada, winters are still cold as hell, just not as how cold it was before. Ah, really like the style of this particular jacket. It runs right under my bumbum, -hehe- not too long. So I won't look so short. Also, I'm into the big puffy fur trim and all.... I dislike bomber styles jackets, I want my tushie to be warm. I realized the shirts I wear sometimes roll up, then suddenly my whole back/body is freezing! When I'm wearing a bomber style, I don't wear those anymore. I was looking into TNA jackets and stuff, but I'm getting their horrible for their jacked up prices. So I don't want to dish $300 dollars for a TNA that won't be so warm. Yes, I would be planning to use this jacket in the years coming, surviving the winters. I also bus more often, oh god. How horrible will the 'missions'  be, in a sweater. Done it last year, I got sick often.. hehe! But my adventure was fun. I'm looking more into the quality of things over the quantity of jackets I already have. Something, that will actually keep me warm and cozy, in these harsh winters to come. I know there is Moose Knuckles (another brand of jackets, etc). I really like the logo LOL! I'm not sure of the quality.... Gosh! Now I stumbled upon Outdoor Survival Canada (OSC). Oh nooo :(! I like the style Jaci - OS1061 in Orca Black. I'm not too keen on North Face style jackets. Meh! Maybe it is me. Ah, take note. I don't have a normally high body temperature. Usually, my hands or feet are cold even at home with the heat on. I lose heat easily compared to my family, they say why am I so cold all the time.

I'm into trench styles or stylish jackets as well, but they don't seem to cut it any more. Open to suggestions of more trendy styles, if they are truly warm. Plus are a good quality and don't get dirty quickly.

Do you think I should get it (which one)? Any other suggestions?

Canada Goose (above)
Moose Knuckles (above)
OSC (above)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tutorial: No Heat 'Korean' Wavy Hair

I made a little something, I saw this on YouTube, but sadly can't remember who I saw it from :(. I tried to explain to someone on YouTube how to do it, but they didn't get what I meant by folding. Hope you enjoy guys. I like doing this more then heat tool'd curling, damage free way FTW!
Oh god, the preview thumbnail! 


After resolving issues that I had with Blogger -yay-, I finally came back to this platform for blogging! Anyways, guys! Things to share with ya'll.

I have some stuff sent from Vietnam which would include the following of false lashes, glue, iphone 3g cases, and iphone 3g screens.
Model 21 lashes! Six boxes and two glues. I have the lashes in 4.L, No. 25, No. 4, and No. 18. With Modlash glue in dark. I don't really use dark lash glue, I prefer the clear one. I think I'm scared of staining my eyelids with daily wear of lashes. I haven't got the chance to try it out yet. Some close up pictures~
 Next thing are the iPhone cases and screen stickers (is that what you call them? lol). I don't like the neon pink case at all. I really dislike neon colours. But I do love pink, just not neon pink. I probably won't use the iPhone stickers.
This isn't hauled from Vietnam, got it at the mall. I really love Thayer's toner, hehe got rose. I simply adore roses my favourite flowers and scent. Got two glitter liners one from L.A. Colors (top for $5 CAD) in CGL712 sparkler and bottom is form NYX (for $8 CAD) in 12 Crystal. I want to use these, in everyday look, not sure how at the momment. I will post swatches of it later :)! So it would look normal. Ah, I was going to get the MAC Nylon, my mom said no~ Too much highlighters. I might go back to get it anyways, colour so pretty.
Blogger has gotten yet better! Yay! 
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